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Turkey Ballloon Fiesta
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General Overview

1st INTERNATIONAL TURKEY BALLOON FIESTA is a huge international organization which will welcome more than 50 balloons and balloon clubs from about 40 countries with 1 pilot and their 1 assistant for each balloon, will last 9 days and in which, global companies will attend as well. Apart from the stunt and competition flights of the hot air balloon flights, this festival will be full of other flight shows, social, sport and artistic activities without any DISABILITIES.



*A 9-day- festival with full of fun,
*A festival that you can enjoy not only the balloon but also other social and cultural activities,
*A festival that offers you quality time with your family,
*A festival which will always remain as a good memory,
*A festival which you will look forward to the next one,
*A festival beyond words and must be experienced,
*A festival with social awareness, in which everybody can enjoy.



Our festival has been planned to be held in three different districts of Izmir as Kordon District, Selcuk – Pamucak – Ephesus – Belevi District and Torbalı – Tire – Ödemiş District. The introducing of cultural and archeological values of these regions to the world opinion will be provided with a different perspective.

There will be demonstration flights above Izmir and Izmir Kordon. Flights and local activities will be in Selçuk- Ephesus District including the Torbalı – Tire – Ödemiş District.



09 – 17 SEPTEMBER 2015 / IZMIR- Selçuk & Ephesus



A balloon festival

Supports the introducing of countries and cities and dynamics of becoming a Brand City,

Creates a “prestigious image” for World and National Brands,
Ensures international relations and investments,
Creates an indispensible opportunity for the sponsors to promote their trademarks,
Adds value to national aviation and youth and also endears aviation,
Improves intercultural dialogues, keep civilizations together,
Creates good memories of “Friendship and Peace” and make people unite.



With the aim of taking international media’s focus on the regional parts of our cities, we have created festival sites on different parts of Izmir.

Many activities have been planned in order to put a milestone in the way of IZMIR’s becoming a BRAND CITY and to catch the attention of the countries around the world. By this way we have aimed to;

  • Promote Izmir in the way of becoming a Brand City with the support of world brands,
  • Bring Izmir a huge intenational and tradional organization,
  • Evoke attention of investors towards our territories, so to Izmir and create international relations,
  • Revitalize the economy of Izmir and provide employment,
  • Highlight the trademarks of national and international sponsor companies in Izmir in which we expect a huge participation to the event,
  • Like Cappadocia,in regional introducing and tourisim, Izmir has been aimed to be the globally known as “center of balloon festivals”.



Our organization is a huge event that will entertain people from all ages with different activities, concerts, contests, games and shows,

  • Outdoor concerts (at the festival site),
  • Games without any disabilities,
  • Contests (for gifts and balloon flights),
  • Food services (Gourmet tastes from different cultures),
  • Shopping stands (souvenirs, clothes, food, handcrafts, paintings etc.),
  • Playgrounds for kids,
  • Different activities and contests,
  • Different shows (Laser show, fireworks show etc.),
  • Games Spectacles (gymnastics, motor show…),
  • Theatre plays (for kids and adults),
  • Painting and ceramics workshops,
  • Photography contests,
  • Fan clubs and their shows.
  • Other activities to have lots of fun…



Bilge Ezel will lead the way of aerostation in Turkey by 1st International Turkey Balloon Fiesta in Izmir, the city of pioneers.


  • The first balloon pilot of Turkey(1984),
  • Started the ballooning tourism in Cappadocia (1988),
  • Flew the Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent Balloon with the support of “Malcolm Forbes” in Turkey and France,
  • The prime mover and the General Coordinator of the first extensive Balloon Festival Organization in Turkey,
  • Owner of E&A&B Aviation Balloon Festival Organization Company,
  • Owner of the trademark registration “International Turkey Balloon Festival”.



Promotions during 1st International Turkey Hot Air Balloon Festival will have four main branches:

  • Promotion of Turkey,
  • Promotion of Izmir
  • Promotion of our supporters.

1st International Turkey Balloon Festival will be realized by the cooperation of almost 600 personnel and 1000 volunteers. Also the festival will bring momentum to Izmir’s economy by the population created for the festival. From this point of view, our goals are to:

  • Create employment,
  • Contribute tourism incomes,
  • Create new employment areas and new opportunities in the city,
  • Become the focal economic stimulus.

We aim to create a similar belongingness for the “1st International Balloon Festival” just as the people of Izmir had for the Izmir Fair. Also a distinguishable support will be provided for the civil society organizations which carry out various social projects, by introducing them as a part of our organization.

In our festival, planned to be the one without any disabilities, awareness in public will be formed by the attendance of disabled citizens in social activities. Also, they will gain new experiences by the other services which will be given by our organization.

Personal Improvement:
The festival will be a great opportunity for family members to have a great time together. By this way, it will contribute to “Individual - Family - Society - World Cognitive Integrity“.

History and Culture:
The festival, which will bring international and national masses, sportsmen, civil society organizations and volunteers together for a common goal, will also create a cultural interaction medium.

Besides introducing our modern city life to worldwide populations, we also aim to emphasize Bergama which is stated as a Cultural Heritage and to focus attention on the archeological values of the region and to get people know more about this place.

Festival will contribute to national aviation, and will address to younger ages to endear aviation. With kinds of amusement parks, entertainment areas and activities, we will create a different fun and hobby field for kids. Besides its contribution to friendship and peace, the balloon festival will also contribute to the personal development of our youngsters through a fun way.

The addition of “Hot Air Balloon Sport” to our Aviation Sports spectrum will bring a good prestige at international aviation sports community. This prestige will have two main causes:

  • There are over 1000 large and small balloon festival organizations all over the world. More than 7000 balloon teams participate to these festivals. Even these numbers show the importance of ballooning and balloon festivals at the worldwide sports community.
  • Because of its close relationship with social and cultural activities; ballooning is at the highest rows of the elite sports classification.

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