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Turkey Ballloon Fiesta
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1. With which documents do I need to participate in your organization?

As in every festival, the documents below are required with the application form and the photo of a balloon. The faster you apply and send required documents, the sooner you will be replied to.

Every balloon needs to have the documents below:
• ATA Carnet
• Certificate of Registration
• Valid Balloon Insurance
• Valid Airworthiness Certificate
• Balloon Log Book
• Last Annual Inspection Report
• Participation Fee Receipt

Every pilot needs to have the documents below:
• Valid Pilot Licence
• Valid Pilot Log Book
• Valid Medical Certificate
• The Color Photocopy of passports(for both pilot and the copilot)

2. When is the deadline to hand in my documents?

Some of the documents should be sent primarily to evaluate your application. When you get the confirmation of your application, you are required to deliver all of the documents as soon as possible.

3. When am I supposed to learn my confirmation?

As soon as your application is taken, it will be evaluated and informed to you before the deadline.

4. How many copilots and team members am I allowed to bring?

The expenses of 1 Pilot and 1 copilot will be covered by us. Transportation, accomodation and food&beverage expenses of the other third person and more need to be paid by your own means.

5. What is the date of the balloon transfer?

Transfer of the balloons will be provided by Turkish Airlines. You are required to hand your balloons in Turkish Airlines cargo points that will be predetermined for each country. Cargo point, unit and the authority communication information will be sent to pilots that are allowed to participate. After the 25th August you may transfer your balloons to Turkish Airlines cargo/custom with ATA carnets and the forms you will get from us.

You may also come by using land route with your own means. But, you are still required to inform us your official documents with your vehicle plates and which custom gate you will pass to come to Turkey.

6. When and How will I come?

According to Turkish Airlines schedule, you will receive your bookings and flight tickets from the Turkish Airlines flight points including the interchange. Your bookings have been planned according to Turkish Airlines flight time and day. We will welcome all our guests in Izmir Turkey on 7-8 September.

7. Can I obtain an ATA Carnet from my country?

The list of the Carnet countries;

8. Where can I get an ATA Carnet?

You can obtain your carnet from the Chamber of Commerce where your company is registered to.

9. In case my country isn’t among the ATA Carnet countries, which other documents can I use?

You can obtain Temporary Circulation Certificates

10. When and How will I receive my balloon?

You may get your balloon when you come to Izmir and fill up the gas with the ground crew and interpreter that will be accompanying you. In this regard, we will be appreciated if you do not allow any malfunction during the transfer of your balloon. You may contact us for your clear queries and demands.

11. What are the conditions if I would like to attend with 2 or more balloons and for the 2nd and 3rd pilot?

The condition “2 people will be free for each balloon” is valid.

12. Should I bring my equipment (fan, ropes and etc.) with my balloon?

You must prepare your balloon together with your equipment in full.

13. Can I participate with a special shaped balloon?

You can participate with a special shaped balloon.

14. Will we be paid for special shaped balloons?

A reward will be given to five special shaped balloons selected by our Organization Committee.

15. How will I make my hotel reservation?

Your reservation will be made by us in accordance with your application form. The other people except you may book into the hotel that we suggest.

16. How will I reach the hotel and will there be a welcome(host/hostess)?

Yes, your host or hostess will welcome you when you arrive in Izmir. Your transfer from the airport to hotel will be provided by us.

17. Where and how will I refuel?

Refueling will be supplied by mobile and immobile tanks. These tanks will be allocated to the pilots in the fesival area.

18. Will you provide ground teams or translators?

Yes. 1 translator and 2-3 people of ground team will be supplied by us.

19. Is there a vehicle allocation during the organisation?

Yes. Vehicles will be allocated to you for your balloon and the team.

20. What are the organisation activities for pilots?

Apart from the flights, a social programme has been planned for pilots with different activities such as free city tours in İzmir, Selçuk Ephesus, cultural tours, museum tours, joy of the sea, sun and water parks(free). You may also join VIP opening and closing night, cocktails freely.

21. May I see the flight program and the sketch of the flying areas?

You may learn it from the sketch and the schedule in our website.

22. May I get the flight rules?

The international rules are valid and details about the flight areas will be informed to you by our flight director before the festival and in festival briefings.

23. When am I supposed to pay the entry fee?

You are required to pay the entry fee with your pre-application form and other documents.

24. Which bank account do I use to pay the entry fee?

Bank Transfer to EAB Havacılık Balon Festival Organizasyon LTD.ŞTİ. 


Tax number KONAK Tax Administration/3230496861-IZMIR/TURKEY



EURO IBAN         TR400001500158048014726652

USD    IBAN         TR080001500158048014726646


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