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Turkey Ballloon Fiesta
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  1. Where does the festival take place?
  2. Festival takes place in Izmir; Kordon and Selcuk/Ephesus. There will also be flights at the following regions:Izmir coast (Kordon), Selcuk, Ephesus, Bergama, Torbalı and Inciraltı regions.

  3. What are the dates of the festival?
  4. Our festival has been organized to take place between the 9th and 17th of September in İzmir.

  5. What is the festival schedule?
  6. You can reach the detailed information about the schedule under the Festival Calendar menu of our web site.

  7. Will there be other activities during the festival?
  8. There will be many other activities besides the balloon flights during our festival. You can find the other activities in the Activities menu of our web site.

  9. What should I do to participate to the festival and the activities?
  10. There are no special procedures to attend the festival. But some events stated at our website may require application. To attend these events, you must fill an application form which you can find on our website and send them to us.

  11. Can I experience a balloon flight?
  12. Regarding the number of guests and the maximum possible number of balloon passengers, it is unfortunately not possible for everyone to get on the balloon. But the winners of some contests during the festival, and the winners of the lotteries held by the sponsor companies will gain the chance of a balloon flight. The Guest Form on our website should be filled in advance.

  13. Is balloon flight due to a charge?
  14. Balloon flight is not due to charge.

  15. How can I reach the festival and activity fields?
  16. You can reach by your personal vehicle or you can use the local transportation means. Shuttles to the festival sites and their charges will be announced later through our website.

  17. Will there be shuttles to Festival and activity sites?
  18. Departure stations and fees about shuttle buses to the festival sites will be announced later on our website.

  19. Is there an accommodation service for guests from outside of the city?
  20. You can check-in to the hotels stated at our website and have a certain amount of discount.

  21. Are there parking areas at the activity sites?
  22. Yes there are. You can see them at the festival site sketches at our website.

  23. Is there a medical team at the festival and activity sites?
  24. Yes there are.

  25. Are there any cafeterias, banks, picnic facilities etc. at the festival and activity sites?
  26. Yes there are. There will also be folding table, chair and umbrella sales at the gates.

  27. Are there WCs at the festival site?
  28. Yes there are.

  29. Are there food and beverage services at the festival site?
  30. Yes there are.

  31. What kind of activities can I join at the festival site?
  32. You can join to the activities listed on our website. We recommend you to take a tour at our website.

  33. Is there a kindergarten and playgrounds for kids at the festival site?
  34. Yes there are. There will be professional kindergarten staff, plus an entertaining clown and face painting and playgrounds. It is a golden opportunity for kids.

  35. How can I participate to festival activities? Are they due to charge?
  36. During the festival some activities will be free and some of them will be due to a charge. You can follow which ones are free which ones are not from the Activities menu of our website.

  37. How can I get the tickets or money cards to join the festival activities and events?
  38. You can obtain them from the ticket sales offices that will be announced from our website or from the stands at the festival site.

  39. Is it possible to bring pets to the festival site?
  40. No. It is considered to be not appropriate since balloon flights and other activities may be scary for your pet and due to other guests’ attitude towards pets.

  41. Can I smoke at the festival site/where?
  42. Smoking is forbidden near balloon take-off areas.

  43. Can I sell stuff at the festival site?
  44. No.

  45. Is there a security service at the festival site?
  46. Yes there is.

  47. Can I come to the festival site by bike or motorcycle?
  48. Yes. But you cannot ride inside the festival site.

  49. Is there a place of worship at the festival site?
  50. Yes there is.

  51. Have you considered disabled people’s transportation to the festival site and also inside the festival site?
  52. Yes. Every necessary help will be provided for disabled people.

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