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Turkey Ballloon Fiesta
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What is inside the Festival Area?


I. InternationalTurkey Balloon Festival which will occur in Turkey for the first time will happen in an environment in which people from 7 to70 years old will have happy, exciting, colorful and tasteful moment.

The festival areaconsists of lots of service fields as following;


VIP Wathing Tent: Guests specially invited from inside of our country and abroad will watch the events in the festival area.


Briefing Tent: It is the tent in which balloon pilots hold meteorological, technical and preparation meetings before flights. It is only open for pilots and officials.


VIP/Pilot Cafe: The tent offers service for VIP guests and balloon pilots such as spending time, resting, making preparations and Food & Beverage service.


Press Tent: National and international press, TV, newspaper and media participants can prepare news, provide information flow and make presentation at this field. Also, they can present live broadcast, interviews and report the news in this platform.


Service Road (Emergency Security Road): This road is specially reserved for festival events and professional participants to provide complete service, make the entry of items and services and to use in case of emergency during festival.


Balloon Vehicle Entrance: The vehicle entrance is only for the balloon transport and officials’ vehicles for their ins and outs.


Balloon Inflation/ Flight / Show Area: Festival balloonswill make flight arrangement/ balloon inflation, show flights and take off for free flights at this area.


Balloon Gas/Tank Field: The area in which all balloon teams make gas filling to balloon fuel tubes for flights, and which is outside of the festival and a special area with security.


Public Watching Penthouse: The canopy tents consist of 3 separate sections of festival area and in 3 block forms. People can watch the activities of festival and also rest here. Also, these tents protect them from sunlights. There is no obstacle for the sight because all sides are open.


General Purpose Tent: It is made for different activities and events. Also kids club, amateur groups and singers perform their own shows here and this place has a small stage and sound scheme.


Event Participants Introduction Tent: Corporations as Sport clubs, bicycles clubs, associations, universities, university clubs, non-governmental organization etc. advertise their own introductions and activities at this tent.


Meal/Sales Tents: Meal sales booths take part in this tent related to nutrition as meal/food/fast food/ beverage etc.


Sponsor Tents:Our festival sponsors exhibit introduction, products and promotions at show-oriented booths. The booths are located in these tents.


Festival Products Sales Tents: Sales tent is located at 2-3 points belonging to festival organization. Lots of products having festival logo, balloon figures and designs are sold here.


Tents of the Balloon Companies: Balloon producer companies,which will be our guests in our festival, make promotions and provide technical service to the balloons that will fly in the festival.


Security Tents: There will be security points and securities in many parts of the festival area. Service will be supplied to the participantsby providing festival system, presence, control and security when neededat this tent.


Disabled Support Center Tent: The tent gives disabled support service to disabled participants inthe festival area. Click here for the festival without any disabilities..


Festival Information Office and Desks: There will be a festival area information desk at the entrance of the festival area. Festival officials will help you for your questions related to the festival area and program by directing you.


Amusement Park: Amusement park where you have fun with your friends and children will be located here.


Bouncy Playing Field: Bouncy Playing Field where you will have fun and live pleasing moments with your friends and children will be situated here.


Child Amusement Club: This club has special events and enjoyable activities for children. It is located in General Purpose Tent. It will include activities such asballoon convolution, face painting, modelballoon making, painting and various games with clowns.


Open Air Nursery: There are open air nurseries with game areas for children between 4 and 7. The children will be with festival authorities experienced in child development field. This area is enclosured with fences around it.


Horse Riding Area: There is a horse riding area which serves for disabled people and children.


Vintage Cars Exhibition: There is an open air exhibition which consists of various vintage cars.


Yuruk Tent: There is a yuruk tent with Cultural Anatolian Theme at the festival area. Some desserts and tastes belonging to Turkish tradition will be sold here.


Village Bazaar: Here is a bazaar place where producers from neighbor towns and villages will sell their own regional and organic products.


Camping Site: There will be camping site in one part ofthe festival area. University clubs, scout clubs and youth clubs will set up camps here. Please click here for detailed information; ..


Sanctuary-Washroom: There will be water closet containers for both men and women and sanctuary tents for people to keep praying during the festival.


Restroom: Gentleman/lady restrooms are located in 5 separate sections of the festival area. Restrooms for disabled are at all point of the blocks.


Infant Care Rooms: There are maintenance rooms where mothers look after and breastfeed their own babies and cover all needs about nursing babies.


Shopping Booths: Various goods will be sold here and you can find somethingto make your friends and yourself happy. Click here Professional Participant form


Health Tent: Health team consisting of doctors, nurses, health officers and ambulance are ready to serve at this tent when there is an urgent situation about health problems at the festival area.


Fire Brigade: A fire truck is ready with its team in case of emergency.


Stage: There will be 2 stages at the festival area. Local and foreign singers will give concerts at the big stage. Also, amateur groups and singers show their own performances in the day at the small stage located at General Purpose Tent.


Bus Departure Center: Bus departure center will be located at the festival area near the car park. Shuttles and buses from neighbor cities and Izmir will give service. Click road & transportation for more detail information.


Car Park: There will be a big car park for visitors who come to festival place by their own cars and can park here safely. There are lots of officials, signs and direction boards, map section and system having queue number.


Tractor, Van, Trailered Vehicle Park: Special parking place is for the participants who will come to the festival area by such kinds of big vehicles.

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