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Turkey Ballloon Fiesta
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Festival for No Disabilities


I.International Turkey Balloon Fiesta, which will occur in Turkey for the first time, aims for all public to include in the festival without any DISABILITIES to share colorful views, excitement and happiness in the sky with the theme of ‘’FRIENDSHIP, PEACE and TOLERANCE’’.



Festival organization aims to supply the services in a way without any disabilities to provide an environment for everyone to live the pleasure of the moment.

  • Support service from ‘’Disabled Service Tent’’ will be supplied for disabled people in the festival area by non-governmental organizations for disabled people and festival personnel.

  • A wheelchair can be provided by identity card and battery charge for wheelchair will be supplied in Disabled Service Tent.

  • Our citizens who want to benefit from disabled service need to fill the application form about the situation in our website before two months from festival.


Before Coming

Vehicle service will be supplied on the purpose of providing the easy access of the disabled people by our festival organization. You will be picked up from your house to reach the festival area.


For participation in the festival area with vehicle service without any disabilities:

  • It is required to fill an application form for your arrival and departure with relatives. (It is available for Selçuk&Ephesus area.))

  • The service will be offered by filling disability class and degree in the form. This service only comprises the disabled who can not come to the disabled vehicle departure point from their houses.

  • Festival Coordination Authority for the disabled will call you to inform you one day before coming to the festival.  

  • Transportation service to the festival area for disabled people will be provided only once according to your Day/Hour choice(only for one day during the festival). (Such plan has been made for more disabled people’s participation.)

  • For everyday participation, disabled bus service in Konak can be benefited.

  • Attendance option has been determined as 9-day and 2-different attendance hour. Festival Coordination Unit for the disabled will inform you in case of changes depend on the density.

  • After your application, in the case of any situations that will prevent your participation (health obstacles or compellig reasons etc), you are required to inform our Festival Coordination Unit for the disabled.

  • If the demand density is high, disabled vehicle reservation fullness will be announced from the website. It is required to apply early and fill in the form completely to benefit from this service.

  • Determining and inviting people, quotas, service time, etc and every kind of change and cancellation of transporation to the festival area by the disabled service will be under the authority of Disabled Coordination Unity.


At Arrival

At arrival to festival area;

  • Festival authorities will welcome disabled people, who will use the vehicle service.

  • There is a passageway at the entrance of parking lot for disabled people, who will arrive at the festival area by their own cars or conditions.

  • Assistance will be requested from disabled service tent in special situations and needs.


Festival Area

  • Festival area consists of generally pressed soil and grass area. In exceptional circumstances, the ground can be wet and rough.

  • Ramps are found at the entrances and exits of tents and sales booths.

  • In the festival area, there are restrooms at 2 separate sides and 3 line blocks. Disabled restrooms appear in the beginning and end of these lines.


Non-disabled Activities

There are non-disabled activities in the festival.

  • For detailed information and attendance, festival authorities in disabled tent will be directed about activities.


Flight with Balloon

The opportunity for balloon flight experience will be obtained to the disabled people in the festival.

For disabled people’s experiencing ballon flight:

  • The disabled people benefiting from balloon flights must bring a health report/ ‘’There is no obstacle for flight’’ writing from their own doctors and a permission approved by their parents.

  • They must speak to someone in charge in the festival disabled service tent.

  • Balloon flights have a quota limit on that day according to the demand.

  • Only disabled people will benefit from balloon flight experience. Flights will be provided by the pilot and assist. pilot during the ballonn flight.

  • Balloon flights are limited to 30 meters tied to the ground.

  • If the weather conditions and meteorological circumstances are not available on the day of the flight, the cancellation of flights can be in question. Repetition demand/compensation is out of question.


Additional Information

  • The festival area is open only to guide dogs as pet. Entrance permission will be given to these dogs as long as id and vaccine documents are kept and shown at the entrance.

  • Sound, noise and crowd during balloon flight preparation and inflating can scare the animals. Thus, these guide dogs must be kept out of the balloon flight and departure zone in the festival area.

  • For further information, you may call Non-disabled Coordination unit from festival central office.

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